Dad builds DIY climbing wall in stairwell for bored kids


David Oswell is at home with his two sons George, 13, and Eddie, 11, during lockdown.

His partner Claire Smith works as a nurse and has decided to stay elsewhere to protect them. So wanting to keep the kids entertained, David decided to create an amazing climbing wall in their stairwell, complete with safety rope.


David, 39, from Northumberland, said: ‘My youngest son Eddie is really into climbing and his older brother George enjoys a good go so I’ve been collecting materials for quite some time now with the intention of building something.

‘The auto-belay was the make or break decision turner ensuring it’s safe to install on the stairs. ‘All in all it took about around five days to build from start to finish including time for the paint to dry.’

He bought most of the equipment needed on Facebook selling pages or eBay.

He said: The price wasn’t so bad due to getting my hands on second-hand holds over time and a reconditioned auto belay as new ones would have been overpriced for a personal build.’

David says this is the first time he has built anything in his home but that due to being in the construction industry that he has practical experience.

The dad added boards with holes drilled for the climbing rocks over the existing walls and then placed the rocks in different positions.

He fitted the auto-belay in the loft above the stairwell to ensure the kids would be safe.